All tea comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant but where and how it is harvested determines the type of tea you will have. Roiboos (Red Bush) is the exception which comes from the Aspalathus Linoaris. Tea dates back to 2737 BC in China. The legend of tea is credited to Shen Nung, who discovered tea by accident. While it is a good story to tell, no one knows for sure who exactly he was other than what stories written about tea tell us. But remember history has a way of deleting and expanding the stories written. What is known is that tea was first grown in China. Many think of tea as a bush but tea plants are also known as trees because of their size. Major regions that tea is grown in include China, India, Japan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, South Africa and Paraguay. There are many nations starting to produce and export other teas because of the climate conditions and terrain of their countries, making tea an ever-growing popular crop.

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