All true tea comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant. Tea contains powerful antioxidants proven to be beneficial for maintenance of health and prevention of illness. Immune System & Skin
Substances found in tea may help the immune system fight off disease and rejuvenate skin cells.

Cardiovascular System
Studies have shown significant risk reductions in consumers of tea for coronary heart disease. Studies have also shown a protective effect of tea against stroke.

Bones & Teeth
Tea drinkers have been shown to have significantly higher bone mineral density. Tea has been found to prohibit the growth and acid production of cavity-producing bacteria.

A 1999 university study showed green tea reduced the incidence and severity of collagen-induced arthritis in mice (similar to rheumatoid arthritis.)

Positive results have been found of tea's prevention of cancer in animals including skin, mouth, stomach and bladder. Studies on human subjects are ongoing.

Weight Loss
Several trials have shown tea to increase energy expenditure, which helps achieve weight reduction.

Rooibos and Yerba Matè are also rich in antioxidants and health benefits. Rooibos is naturally caffeine-free. Yerba Matè contains a natural stimulant known as matteine.

(Above information was taken from a number of credible sources including Linus Pauling Institute and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.)

Important note*: For peak nutritional benefits, tea should be consumed within one hour of brewing.

(*paraphrased from 2005 article in Lifetime